Jute Rug

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I shared in the past that I was in search for a rug for our living room. And while at the time I was looking at numerous flor tile samples ......I decided to hold off until I found the "one".

So Last week while making what I thought was suppose to be a quick stop at World Market , I saw a beautiful jute rug that I just knew I had to have. It was the right size texture and color!

 I probably should have mentioned  it was 15 minutes due to closing so picture me running around trying to find a sales associate. Luckily I found a friendly SA whom was more than happy to assist me. And while I was preparing to pay regular price of 199.00 at the end I ended up paying a whopping 79.00.....bonus.

I really love the grey undertones it has (a major selling point) . Most jute rugs out there have a yellow tint much of what I was trying to avoid. 
in progress (don't mind the paint samples on the wall)

close up shot of the rug 

Our living room palette will consist of natural linen , gray and soft neutrals with pops of color. Did I mention its very plush and cushy on the feet? There's nothing more I dislike than walking on a harsh itchy rug.
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Wingback chair

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some of y'all might remember my wingback chair that was getting re-upholstered. Yes, No, Maybe? Well Saturday hubby finally went to pick it up. It had been ready since 3 weeks ago
but I had another chair that needed to be reupholstered and I needed extra time to find the perfect
fabric. It would have been insane of the hubs to drive 2 hrs. to pickup a chair only to drive another 2 hrs. to dropoff another chair.

The last time I had anything professionally upholstered was my Room & Board dining room chairs that I took to a different fabricator. He did a wonderful job but somehow I came across this other shop and based on his reviews, prices and previous work...I thought I'd give him a shot. As you can imagine I was slightly nervous but once I arrived at his store I knew my chair was in good hands.

Here is the Before and After.  
It could not be more perfect!
I am so thankful to have found him! I vouche from this day on he will be my go-to-guy. Thank you Hakan! You can see some more of his amazing work here.

The fabric is a beautiful slate grey linen courtesy of AVISA Organics.

Right now it sits against the corner of my living room wall that I'm in the process of painting. I'm not too fond of the legs so I plan on changing them to these...


I also have a few fabric options in mind for a pillow but I'm waiting for more pieces to come together.
I'll be back to show y'all progress of our living room and some other things I'm working on.

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10 Favorite Fall Pins

Thursday, September 27, 2012

1. Chevron Pumpkins

2. Pumpkin Cheese Roll

3. Centerpiece

4. Pumpkin & Moss Wreath

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte

6. Mantel

7. Apple Crumb Bars

8. Soup

9. Welcoming Porch

10. Acorn Centerpiece

Have a great weekend!
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Trend Alert: Black Kitchen Appliances

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When it comes to kitchen appliances......stainless steel are among the top choice and has been for several years now. But I'm noticing a trend and stainless steel is not so popular as it once was. Word on the streets of Europe is Black is coming back!

via elle decor
 Black has been my least favorite (appliance wise) but when I see these kitchens I'm all for it. It creates a chic, sophisticated and sexy overall look. Agree?
via houzz by Kaimee Klein Martelli
 In the fashion world, black never goes out of style .... rule of thumb this also applies to home interior design! 

via traditional home 
It blends in very well with stainless steel and or brass. Take your pick! 
via Veranda (Jennifer Lopez) photo by Laura Resen
Just look at this "La Cornue Chateau" stove! It is insanely gorgeous! It could not be more perfect.
La Cornue Chateau
Although we just upgraded to stainless steel, if given the chance to start all over.... I think I would choose black.

Are you feeling this trend?


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Fall In Love

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's no secret fall/winter are my favorite seasons. I look forward to it every single year. Living in the east coast allows me to experience all 4 seasons, but when fall comes around..I get overwhelmingly excited!

I love the color change in leaves and the crunchy sound as you walk through them.....
by RawheaD Rex
The colorful candy corn....
 The stylish clothes....

Bonfires and roasting marshmellows....
 by Ninahale
Pumpkins! Everything Pumpkin! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin ice cream. Pumpkins rule!
As you can see I have fall on the brain! So what's your favorite thing about Fall/Autumn?


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I'm Back!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Being away for 2 weeks really felt like eternity! Now that my loving family is back home I can get back into the swing of things not to mention lots of blog reading to catch up on. I know I missed lots of good stuff while I was gone. Although I didn't have tons of time to devote to projects there are some things I'm pretty excited about....

Like this beautiful bronze urchin I ordered from Furbish.

Via Furbish

I've been coveting them for awhile and finally ordered one. It arrived rather quickly and is surprisingly bigger than I imagined it would be. I plan to put it on my coffee table.....Can't wait to showcase it!

And this desk I'm currently working on. 
A few months back I scored a very simple antique desk with
good bones. I recently sprayed painted it with black automotive lacquer paint, but it's still missing that glossy mirror look I'm going for. After doing some research I found that pumice and rottenstone will help to achieve that look. A little nervous to try this stuff but we shall see.

And my wing back chair that is currently getting reupholstered and ready for pickup. Look for a post in the next coming weeks.

And last but not least....our newest addition to our family.

Zena is a English Bulldog and like no other breed we have ever owned. We have had her for a week now and is spoiled by everyone. She is officially a part of our family! Zena will be making frequent guest appearances here on CM. 

Hope everyone is enjoying these last few days of summer left. I am soooo ready for fall/winter!

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Family Time

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I want to apologize for MIA these past few days! I'm taking a few weeks off to spend quality time with family visiting from out of town. But I'll be back to show you all some projects I'm working on! XOXO

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