Fabric or Leather?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Shopping for living room furniture can be quite stressful! With so many styles out there we wonder which one suits us best or our family. Do I want print or solid ?

Neutral or color that makes a statement?

Sectional or individual pieces?

By this point were just about ready to give up!

Well we have owned quite a few pieces in our lifetime both fabric and leather and I can say that I have been satisfied with both choices . While I may prefer the beautiful options fabric has to offer, e.g like the images posted above..... leather has also come a long way and is not as cold and plain as it once was. Like this one from Restoration Hardware which I LOVE by the way!

via RH

Our most recent purchase was fabric and up to now it has held up pretty well. With 2 scratch that 3 boys and a yorkie I wonder how its lasted this long.This won't be our last time purchasing furniture and when that time comes I know we will be facing this dilemma again, although we'll probably end up with fabric again (sigh)

So which do you prefer? Fabric or leather?
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