The 411 On Spray Painting Our Cabinets

Monday, March 12, 2012

This post has been long overdue. We are now in the final stages of our kitchen reno and starting to wrap up a few things. More on that another day but for now I'm going to share how we spray painted our cabinets. So let's get started shall we! First things first was finding a good quality primer. After doing some research we went with Stix, it is acrylic waterborne based and you can find it at Benjamin Moore. As for the paint we decided to go with Cabinet Coat in BM Simply White also waterborne based.


After making a check list and gathering all of our supplies, we started with mixing of the paint which requires to be thinned out with water no more than 20%, this is so the paint can come out evenly through the spray gun. Once we mixed the paint , we poured it through a strainer to purify the paint and keep out any loose particles.

Matt then built a paint booth in our garage using a canopy tent and surronded it with plastic covers setting folding tables and a fan inside. There are many ways to diy a paint booth so please do plenty of research should you decided to do this type of project. As with any painting project, prepping is the key to a fabulous looking result . Okay moving along.......

Here's a fun fact- seeing Matt in a painters suit and his surgery mask was the highlight of the day! You would think he was preparing to do some type of surgery by the way he looks.

I had no part in the spraying  process but coming from the Mister's personal experience he first did a couple of practice sprays on cardboard to get a rhythm going then started spraying side to side, laying the cabinets flat and holding the spray gun two feet away. He also sprayed the floor with water to keep the dust particles in the air down. We waited about 2 hours, flipped the doors and repeated the same steps. The same process was used for primer.

I prefer the spray paint method for various reasons- one you can do 10 cabinets in about 15 minutes or less and two- you achieve a flawless straight from the factory look. If your nit picky like I am, you won't be dissapointed with spray painting your kitchen cabinets!

Pss.... Pics of our kitchen will be revealed soon, pinky swear!

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  1. I can't wait to see what it looks like! I need to repaint my kitchen cabinets too! They look terrible.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!! Have a great week!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! I love your blog! Can't wait to see the painted cabinet pictures - I bet they look awesome!

  3. Your comment made my day. Thank you! I was just talking to my husband about spraying our cabinets. Did you rent the sprayer? What kind did you use? It definitely sounds like you know what you are doing! I know your cabinets look fabulous!

    1. Thanks for coming over Angie! You are too sweet.

      We actually purchased a Fiji paint sprayer since I will be doing alot of projects but if don't want to invest in one right away I say rent one. You won't be dissapointed and if you have any questions about using one just ask away, I'll be more than happy to help you out!


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Tiffany, Can't wait to be done, ha!


  5. I can't wait to see the photos! I love spray paint, but never considered it for inside!

    1. It is hard work but worth it in the end in my opinion :)


  6. Oooh can't wait to see them!! Aren't cabinets the WORST!!! We painted ours and I don't know if I could ever do it again... but your way DOES look easier!!

    1. YES they are Michelle, 5 years ago I painted them by hand and I ask myself why am I doing this again? Even though spray painting is faster it's still time consuming.


  7. thy painters just spray painted our hall...unbeliveable really..have fun with your kitchen!

    1. Oh wow, do you have any pics? Would love to see it.


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  40. Which allows reduced artery damaging LDL blood stream blood cholesterol stages. . Oranges help to battle Alzheimer' 7muscle s: A particular ingredient in celery known as quercetin can protect minds from toxic damage and it greater the quantity of the .

  41. You can't just put it in a dirty area and forget about it Although some of us do in one way or another Before you try to understand how to use that new fangled device figure out how to use you own human body first It costs very much of a lot less .

  42. The University of Louisville School of Medication and completed a fellowship in Sports Medication at the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medication Center Dr GrossfeldYou have already decided that you are going to have legs surgery treatment Now there .

  43. Pounds) and build up slowly from there including weight weekly This will not only help you not plateau but it will improve your type to avoid injuries until your joints and muscle cells get used to a heavier bodyweight Step : Be consistent This is the .

  44. In athletics or other activities your muscle cells do get ripped To ensure that muscular huge improves you need to enhance your HGH stages Thanks to HGH muscle cells can be repaired easily and new cells regenerated While one's body .

  45. Thousands of situations of Plantar Fasciitis per season Seeking their help will give you the chance to learn stretches to improve your level of pain Wear a Night Splint: There are many choices for night splints at your local healthcare equipment store .

  46. Athletic Performance Not only will you obtain dimension and durability in your legs the go will also increase your performance capacity to run quicker and jump greater There Are More Than One Variation Of Squats Not just the traditional muscle .

  47. Shorts match • Do I keep looking (and buying) items that I think will make my muscle tissues bigger and stronger • Do I eat power drinks to help me practice harder • Am I always on a diet • Do I mostly eat chicken fresh vegetables and rice or potato's Well .

  48. Furthermore yoga will begin to grease up firm joints. It incites the body to delicately emit liquids that will persistently grease up joints for instance offering oil to the knee and shoulder joints alike. As per a couple of analysts around the world, who contemplated on the wellbeing of a man, recuperating of a man begins with the psyche of that individual himself/herself.

  49. A solid feeling of self-esteem permits the physically and rationally fit individual to move his or her life to its proposed bearing. Deep sense of being and religion are additionally critical parts of a general fit and sound person. Hence, a man who takes a stab at wellness is really gunning for more than incline and conditioned muscles.

  50. By bringing your center quality up over a couple of weeks you may maintain a strategic distance from the muscle strains that would some way or another maladie you. Bit by bit your sentiment quality and capacity will decidedly strengthen your activity propensity.

  51. you can as of now feel the early peril indications of stoutness achieved by your stationary way of life? Palpitations, shortness of breath, hoisted circulatory strain, among others, make you choose to trim up a bit. You are presently resolved to kiss those overabundance things farewell.

  52. Building your triceps is a standout amongst the most troublesome things to do. To do these viably, one must watch appropriate eating routine and heaps of rest while performing right triceps works out. The activities laid out beneath might be performed at home on the off chance that you as of now have the craved weights or in theThat swelling stomach is so not provocative.

  53. Truth be told, the trigger components in your feet are so all around incorporated into the real rest of your body that on the grounds that in actuality they are so consistently ignored, your human body endures in like manner. A large portion of this antiquated conventions have been practice foot kneads for a very long time.

  54. The fare of silk worms or mulberry cuttings was entirely illegal and carrying those insider facts was rebuffed by capital punishment. At long last each one of those endeavors had an end, when a chinese princess carried mulberry cuttings and the silk worm to Khotan (today Afghanistan) in 140 BC, in light of the fact that she needed to wed and emigrate from China and couldn't picture an existence without silk.

  55. All things considered, eating routine is essential however more than anything activity will blaze fat quicker than whatever else. The issue is that when you are overweight the insignificant considered activity can be agonizing. Here are 3 simple activity tips to help you lose stomach fat the without slaughtering yourself. 1. Walk, walk, walk! Strolling is a to a great degree powerful type of activity.

  56. These underlying stages help in preparing your cerebrum in every last single angle, in this way giving you an impeccable true serenity. This is critical, given the bustling calendar of every one of us in today's advanced world. Ruminating after you have done come yoga is additionally thought to be a significant supportive stride in disposing of anxiety from your life.

  57. These activities for different muscle gatherings ought to effortlessly permit you to think of a calendar that will help you accomplish your home wellness goals.The hotter months are loaded with exercises and sustenance. Yet, before arranging your next BBQ party, consider feast alternatives that can help with your fat misfortune arrangement as well as could advantage your visitors too.

  58. Up, gradually down - Your arms are impressive muscle tissue. You can utilize this capability to go the fill powerfully to the top of the game and once there; using that

  59. The meals presented to you above are readily available in most stores, and are very affordable compared to the outrageously priced proteins grains you often see.

  60. Dieting. Unless you're planning on competing, I wouldn't eradicate all glucose from your diet; it isn't necessary for you. However, too much glucose in an diet program's the bane of individual body developing. Limit how much fizzy cool drinks and


  61. It will regulate your glucose stages as well. Your 4 A week Abs Workout Routine These 6 exercises should be performed in three tour at 4 times per A week for 4 a few weeks.

  62. Sustain it for a little while. Food wealthy in power are nuts, oats, fruits, green vegetables, and many others. If you are unsure of which foods are suitable for your actions, you can consult with a nutritionist to guide you through. (3) Pre-workouts


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