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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As I was searching for a chair tutorial online I came across Jenny from Day's of Chalk and Chocolate beautiful chair makeover. However this wasn't the first time Jenny gave her chair a facelift. In fact the first time she spraypainted it in heirloom white and recovered the cushion in a bold fabric. Take a looksy at the before and after.

Fast forward six years later - the fabric is now starting to show some wear and tear. So Jenny reupholstered it a second time with 2 yards of gorgeous Waverly fabric she found during Christmas.

I think this chair makeover deserves to have a badge of merit award for DIY'ers, am I right?  Be sure to see Jenny's tutorial and all of her other fabulous projects over at her blog.

P.S See something you want to pin ? Please visit Jenny's blog and pin it directly from her site so she gets the proper credit.Thanks so much!

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  1. Wow, this is a fabulous "after" -- both times!

  2. WOW! I'm so glad you featured this -- what amazing makeovers!!

  3. I like how just refreshing the fabric made such a big difference. Looks fantastic.

  4. That chair is gorgeous! I absolutely love cane chairs. I just bought some and now I have to figure out how to paint them! I'm going to check out Jenny's blog. :)


  5. I have not done reupholstering within the house in a while as it has been busy but I do have some projects that are awaiting new fabric. This chair is very pretty.

  6. WOW, it came out great! I would never attempt it myself... good for you!

  7. Thanks for the awesome inspiration blogger! I love that chair (well....I love it the last two times)! Thanks for the link!


  8. Amazing what some paint and fabric can do!

  9. you're kidding!! wow...a great transformation! I agree with the award!!
    have a great weekend.

  10. fab fab fab post !! lov'it
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