Trend Alert: Black Kitchen Appliances

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When it comes to kitchen appliances......stainless steel are among the top choice and has been for several years now. But I'm noticing a trend and stainless steel is not so popular as it once was. Word on the streets of Europe is Black is coming back!

via elle decor
 Black has been my least favorite (appliance wise) but when I see these kitchens I'm all for it. It creates a chic, sophisticated and sexy overall look. Agree?
via houzz by Kaimee Klein Martelli
 In the fashion world, black never goes out of style .... rule of thumb this also applies to home interior design! 

via traditional home 
It blends in very well with stainless steel and or brass. Take your pick! 
via Veranda (Jennifer Lopez) photo by Laura Resen
Just look at this "La Cornue Chateau" stove! It is insanely gorgeous! It could not be more perfect.
La Cornue Chateau
Although we just upgraded to stainless steel, if given the chance to start all over.... I think I would choose black.

Are you feeling this trend?


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  1. I know variety is the spice of life and all, but I am firmly on the stainless steel side. The smaller items manage to blend in ok but I find the bigger black appliances just look clunky. Saying that, like most trends, I tend to warm to them just as they go out of fashion so who knows!

    1. I agree! Stainless steel will always be around and is a huge selling point. But there something about black appliances that makes it more apealing.

  2. You're right, now that I think about it I have seen them more and more. And I really like it! Love the pic above with the gold accents on both the appliances and the white cabinets. Really ties them in seamlessly.

  3. I'm a fan! But i think the cabinets definitely can't be a normal "wood" color or it would look weird. Love it with the white and brass though!

    1. Totally, my favorite would be white cabinets. But I also saw some images that were black on black and it looked amazing.

  4. I'm not sure how I feel about this trend...I think it depends on the color cabinet. Thanks for giving me something to think about! ;)

  5. I think a black range would look especially good with dark gray base cabinets that are so on trend now.

    1. Yes! I am loving the gray cabinets. Although I doubt they will stick around for long but who knows :)

  6. Ha! I just read that white appliances are making a come back. I think really all three (white, black, stainless steal) can look great depending on how well they work with the rest of the room, and what you're going for. The black in the pictures you've shown definitely add a luxurious, flashy kind of feel.

    1. Well apparently black is huge in Europe and slowly making it's way around the globe. Maybe white is getting trendy here first in the USA ;)

  7. I am totally loving this... I do think black needs to be in every room!

  8. Hum...I don't know. I just bought a new stainless fridge. I had the finger prints on stainless, but not enough to go all black! The kitchens you featured are beautiful though.

  9. The appliance has to be a show-stopper, an attention-getter all on its own and is definitely a focal point. I like one piece rather than all of them black and I especially like the one with the gold knobs - very regal.

  10. It would be great if black came back because my appliances are black! I've been wanting to update but now maybe I won't have to. :)

  11. i`m not color conscious, i have so many flavors and varieties in my kitchen. But love your floors and cabinets color.

  12. I think black is the best color for kitchen furnishing....Specially for wooden things with silver knobs and handles. The kitchen devices must be fashionable to math the trendy look.

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