Kitchen Cabinets hit a "Glitch"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Well the bad news is our kitchen has hit a glitch......If you remember we were in the process of staining our kitchen cabinets (island to be exact)  when halfway we weren't lovin the finish or as Matt says I wasn't lovin it. I say its a toss up!

 We used Cabinet Transformations which by the way is a wonderful product if you are wanting a more painted look per se. What I was trying to achieve was more of a stained espresso look with a grain, well that didn't quite happen. Guess I should have should have done some more research.


So what's next..... on to Plan B aka " the good news"

-Ordering oak stained espresso doors and installing them ourselves. Since we are only doing the island  we will be saving some moolah so that scores major points.
-Spray painting the rest of our cabinets in Benjamin Moore Aura paint or Farrow & Ball Pointing to give it that smooth flawless look or shall I say I hope it does.

via Houzz

After doing some painting, repainting and installing of new doors, comes doing the backsplash.
This is what we currently have in mind, of course that can change at any second.
Marble Tile
Morocco tile
Backsplash tile
Stay tuned..... I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

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Chic and Cheap- Chandelier

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scalloped Wood Bead Chandelier by Regina Andrew for $1,247.50

via Candelabra

Get similiar look at Pottery Barn for $499.00

Via Pottery Barn

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Most recent I have been seeing alot of bamboo being used as interior accents. Personally I have never been a fan of bamboo but its hard not to hate when you see these beauties...

Source unknown

 via Houzz

Via House Beautiful

Via Elle Decor

via Porch Light Interiors

Via Noir Furniture LA

I don't know when this trend started or if it's even considerd a trend. Bamboo has been around for ages and is still very popular in Asia today. Known for it's eco friendliness, strength and durability it is said to last a lifetime. Did I just sound like an annoying salesman (no offense to SM) trying to sell you something? I promise you I'm not!

I still don't know about having bamboo furniture in my own house. Some how when I think of bamboo I picture the Golden Girl's living room which was decked pimped out with bamboo which I have to say coincidentally is one of my favorite shows.

So what's your take on bamboo? Yay or Nay?

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