Teva Living Issues

Friday, March 16, 2012

I am never one to bash a reputable company so to speak, unless I have good reason in doing so. With that being said after yesterday I thought I would share my personal experience with Teva Living.

About a month ago I ordered a leather chair from them, cancelled it because it was on "back order" and placed another order. I should have known something was not right when I was given the run around but chose to ignore it. Note to self, always go with your gut feeling.

I ask what type of business has only one person (rude at that) to answer the phone at all times, takes written down messages and never knows the answers to your questions? This was the type of customer service I was given each time I would call to check on my order.

I then called yesterday to check on my order, lets just I had a hunch and much to my surprise the number was not in service. I quickly redialed thinking I must of dialed it wrong, nope same thing happened. Starting to get panicky, I googled there name and this link from Copy Cat Chic came up. If you notice Reichel posted this a week ago and apparently I am not the only person having problems with them.

Immediately I tell Matt to check our account and thankfully our cc hadn't been charged. Just to be on the safe side we give our CC company a call to give them a little heads up.

Meanwhile I email TL to let them know I want to cancel my order. I recieved a response pretty quickly saying they had cancelled my order. Honestly I was not expecting to hear back from them. The sad part is I really wanted to like this company, they have some amazing things on their website and their prices are shockingly affordable for the type of furniture they claim to sell. I guess if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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Unused Spaces

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How are y'all doing? To say things haven't been busy in our home would be an understatement. There is tiling finally going up and I've been decluttering and organizing the kitchen pantry like crazy!

Speaking of messy, as I was cleaning and making my older sons' bed the other day I came across to a tiny one that hardly ever gets slept in. Case in point- my toddlers crib/bed. I purchased it a little over 3 years ago online while I was pregnant and well let's just say it still has yet to be used.

Unless you call jumping on it as a trampoline...

sitting to read Winnie the Pooh book...

or how about storing some toys as being "used.

So I got to thinking on whether I should sell it or not. Surely there has to be someone that would put it to great use. But I just can't bring myself to part with it just yet , I mean he will eventually be sleeping in it. As for when - remains a mystery. But for now it will serve as "whatever" and not what it was meant to be used for. little man still sleeps in our bed and I have no shame. Of course I won't be saying the same thing next year because lets face it mommy and daddy do need some quality time.. wink wink

How about you, do you have any unused pieces in your home? Please do share!

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Feature Wednesday

Hello everyone!I am super excited to show you this weeks "Feature Wednesday". I recently stumbled across Angie's blog from Beneath The Magnolias and let me tell you it has quickly become one my favorite daily reads.

Angie can do it all! Take this clear lamp that she purchased from Target.......

She debated on painting/staining but decided to mercurize it instead -Is that even a word? I don't think it is, but it sounded pretty cool! Using Krylon and a solution she simply sprayed the inside of the clear base then added some fabric rosettes onto the shade creating a beautiful lamp that looks like an expensive store bought peice.

You can see her step by step tutorial by visiting her blog and while your there be sure to leave her some love!

Thanks Angie for sharing your amazing project with us, I look forward to seeing many more!

P.S  If you would like to pin this, please be sure to visit her blog and pin it directly from Angie's site. Thanks so much!

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The 411 On Spray Painting Our Cabinets

Monday, March 12, 2012

This post has been long overdue. We are now in the final stages of our kitchen reno and starting to wrap up a few things. More on that another day but for now I'm going to share how we spray painted our cabinets. So let's get started shall we! First things first was finding a good quality primer. After doing some research we went with Stix, it is acrylic waterborne based and you can find it at Benjamin Moore. As for the paint we decided to go with Cabinet Coat in BM Simply White also waterborne based.


After making a check list and gathering all of our supplies, we started with mixing of the paint which requires to be thinned out with water no more than 20%, this is so the paint can come out evenly through the spray gun. Once we mixed the paint , we poured it through a strainer to purify the paint and keep out any loose particles.

Matt then built a paint booth in our garage using a canopy tent and surronded it with plastic covers setting folding tables and a fan inside. There are many ways to diy a paint booth so please do plenty of research should you decided to do this type of project. As with any painting project, prepping is the key to a fabulous looking result . Okay moving along.......

Here's a fun fact- seeing Matt in a painters suit and his surgery mask was the highlight of the day! You would think he was preparing to do some type of surgery by the way he looks.

I had no part in the spraying  process but coming from the Mister's personal experience he first did a couple of practice sprays on cardboard to get a rhythm going then started spraying side to side, laying the cabinets flat and holding the spray gun two feet away. He also sprayed the floor with water to keep the dust particles in the air down. We waited about 2 hours, flipped the doors and repeated the same steps. The same process was used for primer.

I prefer the spray paint method for various reasons- one you can do 10 cabinets in about 15 minutes or less and two- you achieve a flawless straight from the factory look. If your nit picky like I am, you won't be dissapointed with spray painting your kitchen cabinets!

Pss.... Pics of our kitchen will be revealed soon, pinky swear!

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